Tobacco Control Laws

In collaboration with Health Related Information Dissemination Amongst Youth (HRIDAY), a survey was undertaken to evaluate the implementation of the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003 (COTPA) in five districts of Haryana. There were approximately 200 violations recorded in each district i.e. a total of 1000 in the state. A monitoring tool and protocol was developed to track the enforcement of the provisions of the Indian Tobacco Control Law at the district levels. The protocol majorly focused on violation of the rules pertaining to prohibition of smoking in public places, advertising of tobacco products, sale to and by minors and mandatory display of pictorial health warnings. The options provided under each section of the monitoring tool were based on all the various possible violations of COTPA and were adapted from previously available tools used by HRIDAY. The tool and the protocol were developed in English and were then translated into Hindi and again back translated to English to avoid any information loss. Prior to field administration, the tool and the protocol were pilot tested for its content in Delhi.

Trained research assistants visited various public places and educational institutions within the districts to monitor the violations of Section 4 and Section 6 of COTPA. Over the period of one month, the research assistants also monitored various means of tobacco advertising and tobacco products to for violations of Section 5 and Section 7 of COTPA.

The survey was conducted by a trained State Project Officer and trained student research assistants.