Pramada Menon

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Pramada Menon

Activist and Filmmaker

Pramada Menon is a founder member of Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action (CREA) in 2000. CREA ( is currently based in New Delhi and aims to enhance the “capacities of a new generation of women leaders using a human rights approach. The organization works on issues of sexuality, reproductive health, violence against women, gender equity, economic justice and women's rights.”

Throughout her career, Pramada has spent much of her time conducting trainings with both men and women on issues related to gender, leadership and empowerment. She is a strong believer in the idea that young people need the opportunity and space to challenge themselves and to be challenged.

Film Screening (followed by discussion) of “And You Thought You Knew Me”

From the filmmaker: “Five people assigned gender female at birth (PAGFB), whose only common meeting ground is that they identify themselves as outside of the heterosexual framework and live in the same city. Their stories, relationships and activism, set against the backdrop of Delhi- all form part of the narrative and create a tapestry of images and metaphors, that invites one to re-engage with and rethink the notion of the other, the “sexual deviant.