Mary E. John

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Prof. Mary E. John

Senior Fellow and Professor at the Centre for Women’s Development Studies

Mary E John has been working in the fields of women’s studies and feminist politics for many years. She was Director of CWDS from 2006-2012, and before that was Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Women’s Studies Programme at JNU, New Delhi from 2001-2006.

“Rethinking Sexual Violence in the Time of Backlash”

From the speaker: “This lecture looks critically at the perspectives -- both new and old -- for thinking about sexual violence against women in contemporary India. It begins by drawing from current writing and thinking around sexual violence in the wake of the December 16th gangrape and the protests that ensued, which certainly has been an event whose significance we have yet to fathom, including the passing of new Acts and Amendments by the State. This will be contextualised within the history of feminist engagements on sexual violence in the Indian women's movement, in relation to the National Crime Records Bureau Data can tell us, and finally, how we might link questions of sexual violence with those elements in our society and economy that indicate a wider backlash against women.