Academic Courses

The faculty members of CHLET offer courses in the areas of health law, ethics and technology at the Jindal Global Law School. For example, CHLET faculty have offered the course Health and Human Rights which explored the dynamics between health and human rights. The course covered the legal instruments relevant to advancing the health amongst populations and identified the key actors involved in promoting the right to health at the international level. In addition, faculty of CHLET offered the course, Law and Sexuality. This course’s fundamental aim was to explore the relationship of law to sex, gender and sexual orientation. The course covered topics such as: Law and Homosexuality, Law and Sex Work, HIV/AIDS, stigma, law and pornography and obscenity law. This year, CHLET faculty offered a course on the Global Pharmaceutical Regulation. Focusing on the various stages of research, development and marketing of drugs, the class examined the international guidelines and domestic regulations on introducing new drugs into the market. This past semester, CHLET faculty members taught Health Care, Law and Bioethics. The course aimed to introduce students to key bioethical and legal principles that define the doctor/research-patient/participant relationship. Students enrolled in the course were encouraged to engage in independent research on universalism, relativism, bioethics, and medical practice.

Currently, three of the Centre’s faculty members are co-teaching a clinical course on Transgender and the Law. In this course, selected law students (they must apply as demand is high) are given the rare opportunity to gain practical experience in legal research and writing. As part of the students’ duties of the course, they researched the rights of transgender and other gender non-conforming persons in India and across the globe. Their research will be compiled into a Shadow Report on the status of transgender and other gender non-conforming persons to the United Nations. Currently, a CHLET faculty is offering a course on the ethics and health dilemmas surrounding assisted reproductive technology (ART) in which students are exposed to the cutting edge issues relating to ART procedures in India, as well as globally.