About CHLET and Our Initiatives

The Centre for Health Law, Ethics and Technology CHLET) at Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University, conducts legal empirical research on contemporary questions of sexuality, gender, public policy and public health law. CHLET works at the intersection of gender, power, sexuality, law and society with the vision to influence law and policy through research and consultations. CHLET adopts a multidisciplinary approach and focuses particularly on abortion laws, access to contraception, sexual minority and gender rights, reproductive rights, realization of a constitutional right to health, implication of advancement in technology on access to healthcare, and anti-discrimination law and policy relating to contagious diseases in India and abroad.

CHLET is in a unique position to focus on both theoretical and empirical study on global health law issues by building an academic as well as a civil society network, and by bridging the Global North and South. CHLET aims to use its position to engage in global-domestic research, dialogue, negotiation and, when necessary, the judicial system to achieve systemic reforms that advance social justice and equity in the many dimensions of health, sexuality and gender.