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Inside JGU 2021 - Issue 3 (March)

CEASP organises book launch

The Center for Complexity Economics, Applied Spirituality and Public Policy (CEASP) of Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP) organised a book launch on 22 March for the book entitled ‘Transforming: Applying Spirituality, Emergent Creativity and Reconciliation’ published by Lexington Books.  The book is edited by Professor Vern Neufeld Redekop and Professor Gloria Neufeld Redekop and has 18 chapters contributed by different authors.
The event opened with a welcome address by Prof. Naresh Singh, Director, CEASP, and opening remarks by Prof. R. Sudarshan, Dean, JSGP. The editors of the book made introductory remarks and shared their journey on writing about how the world from science can be linked to the world of spirituality.
Afterwards, authors of chapters in the book were invited for the second session of the event called ‘Reading from Transforming’ in which they elaborated on the themes of their writings. Prof.
Naresh Singh spoke on the fundamental leadership shift away from reacting against the past towards working with the emerging future as well as a shift from SMART indicators to SPICED indicators for measuring change.  Prof. Patrice C. Brodeur highlighted his ideas on how to communicate with ourselves, within ourselves and with other human beings with the environment we live and beyond. Catherine Twinn talked about  human civilisation’s growing needs and its impact. Dr. Neil D. Theise spoke about self-organising human behaviour in social structures and how this opens the floor to possible modifications of emergent creativity in a constantly changing environment, thus giving rise to a sustainably healthy future. Katherine Peil Kauffman outlined her ideas on new science that she calls ‘New Vitalism’, which includes self-regulation, bottom-up information and natural spirituality. Merle Lefkoff elaborated her work in the book that deals with the most important challenge of climate change, among other issues. It was followed by a Q&A session. The event was concluded with closing remarks from Prof. Anirban Chakrabarti, founding member, CEASP. Click to watch on YouTube Read more about the Book here