Inside JGU 2021 - Issue 6 (June)

CEASP becomes co-convening partner in World Unity Week, 2021 

The Centre for Complexity Economics, Applied Spirituality and Public Policy (CEASP) was a co-convening partner of the World Unity Week during 19 June-26 June. Prof. (Dr.) Naresh Singh took the lead in delivering a talk as well as participating and convening a roundtable on the title, ‘Applied Spirituality and Public Policy’, during 22 June -25 June.

The World Unity Week is a global interactive celebration co-produced by UNITY EARTH, Purpose Earth, SINE Network and The Hague Center. It was originally convened in June 2020 by hundreds of civil society organisations together with thousands of individuals. It is a whole-systems field, embracing the mid-year Solstice, indigenous wisdom, International Day of Yoga, ecological vitality, conscious activism, etc. and schedules talks on collective climate action, partnerships for peace, interfaith harmony, interracial justice, sustainable and regenerative development, the role of business and economics, human rights, contemplative practices and activism and much more. World Unity  Week, had representatives from global organisations who engaged with thousands of people to inspire unity in action.

Prof. (Dr.) Naresh Singh’s first session, co-sponsored by The Hague Centre for Global Governance, Innovation & Emergence, on Applied Spirituality and Public Policy on 22 June  highlighted the practice of going beyond the rational mind in internalising the meaning of who we truly are. A major viewpoint raised to connect spirituality in the realm of public policy was if individuals are something more than their body or mind, defined as consciousness and awareness, then why is it that our policies cannot be fundamentally aimed to achieve mutual wellbeing, love and harmony among all. Rather than the convention to address symptoms of all the real world problems, it would be a big change if we go to the root causes of all these problems.

The public dialogue and roundtable two-hour sessions from June 23 to June 25 discussed issues pertaining to applied spirituality and public policy space.

Visit the World Unity Week Facebook Page to know about all the events.

Watch roundtable and public dialog here