Inside JGU 2021 - Issue 6 (June)

CEASP and CNES collaborate with Cynefin Centre to become Local Network Lead for India

The Centre for Complexity Economics, Applied Spirituality and Public Policy (CEASP) at Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP) is collaborating with the Centre of New Economic Studies (CNES) at Jindal of Liberal Arts and Humanities (JSLH) on the Local Network Lead role for the next six months under the Sharing Global Perspectives Programme.

The project under the umbrella title “A program exploring what can be learnt from lived experiences since 2020” is led by a group of driven individuals from research groups in Aberdeen, Stanford and Wisconsin Universities, in collaboration with the Cynefin Centre, with the purpose to generate an open access platform that can bring individual voices and experiences around the world to light and with the belief that building these narratives can provide insights, understanding and compassion to the global community. It will run for the next six months as local networks in China, Brazil, Gambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon/wider Francophone Africa, Scotland, Wales and India.

Narratives play an important part along with secondary data that need to be used as a part of analysis in the objective of dealing with policy problems. The approach adopted by the Sharing Global Perspectives Programme team brings a great blend of narratives in a format that can be used for analysis and research. This project in particular will allow CEASP and CNES to understand the unexplored narratives and experiences during the pandemic. In what has been a unique collective experience across the globe, the project will be able to capture the similarities and differences between countries, thereby bringing to light culturally and experientially unique aspects of Covid-19.

Through this programme, the collaboration is bringing together the work at CNES of linking economic theory with historical experience(s) and empirical observation, and the work at CEASP of striving for vibrant research on the forefront of complexity theory on a common shared platform. 

Engaging with the GP programme would be a team led by the research supervisors Prof. Naresh Singh and Prof. Deepanshu Mohan from CEASP and CNES respectively along with researchers Advaita Singh (Senior Research Analyst at CNES), Cheshta Grover (TRIP Fellow at CEASP), Parinita Singh (TRIP Fellow at CEASP) and Shivani Aggarwal (Senior Research Analyst at CNES).