Life at JGU

JGU Film Society

The Film Club now known as Film Society, provides an option to students as well as faculty and staff to take a well-deserved break from their work and go on to spend some quality time with their colleagues and friends. The Society usually screens around two movies a month and over the years, The Film Society has screened up to 40-50 movies. With an emphasis on laid-back meetings, screenings, and discussion, The JGU Film Society is as much as a social club as it is a movie club.

Music Society

The Music society which was an open society earlier, is no longer an open society. Entry into the society is decided by means of auditions. These auditions are headed, conducted and judged by faculty.
The JGU Music Society currently has a sound proofed music room for practice purposes. The Society also has a number of amplifiers, a keyboard and a drum-kit available in the Music Room for the students to use.

Debate Society

The adrenaline rush at the sight of a podium, the sheer love for arguing, the camaraderie within a team, the passion to learn and win, and the innumerable stories embedded in our memories with every passing debate, is what the Jindal DebSoc promises to offer year after year. With a greater level of spontaneity in speeches and emphasis on matter and the skill of fleshing out arguments over manner, the Jindal DebSoc provides a platform to find safe place on campus.

Human Rights Society

Human rights are the fundamental rights one has for survival and dignity. The Human Rights Society, over the years worked primarily through grassroots activism and spreading awareness about the systemic oppression faced by millions of people around the world. We’ve actively worked in areas of child labor and workers’ rights.

We brought Renegades – a rock concert with a cause, Monkey Speak – a free speech magazine facilitated by students, Bal Adhikar Sabha – a round table conference on child rights, juvenile justice, Right to Education and advocacy for the rights of children with disabilities, research work on Right to Education and much more.

Legal Aid Clinic

Legal Aid Clinic (previously known as Clinical Legal Aid Society) is a student run clinic working under the guidance of Prof. Ajay Pandey and Prof. Sushant Chandra. Legal Aid Clinic has been a part of Jindal Global Law School since its inception in 2009. It exists with the aim of bridging the gap between what law promises to offer and the ground reality of its applicability. The Clinic has separate groups focusing on basic rights such as right to education, right to health, right to information, etc.

Raqs (JGU Dance Society)

The inception of Raqs (JGU Dance Society) can be traced back to the year the university was founded. This makes it one of the oldest and most successfully run societies of JGU with every new batch bringing a larger number of enthusiasts each year. The fair opportunity and adequate time to prepare for the Society auditions once each year makes it possible to shortlist only the most gifted and hardworking dancers. An opportunity is also provided as wild card entries to others who stand out in Bollywood Nights and other events.

SOCH - Documentary Society

Documentary is a powerful tool to help ignite conversation, raise awareness, and drive social change. The need for a forum that can inform, educate and ensure conversations on socio-political issues is exactly why SOCH was created. SOCH provides a unique space in JGU for constructive dialogue devoid of any barriers on social, cultural and political issues that plague our society at large at various levels (regional, national and international) through the screening of documentaries and holding constructive discussions with experts from the field, while not associating itself with any ideology at the same time.

Social Service Society

The Social Service Society, conceived in 2009, has come a long way since its inception. We have grown from having one program teaching children of construction workers – to running numerous activities simultaneously, both on and off campus, open to all of the JGU students and faculty community. We are an open society that is committed to ensuring that as many people as possible can benefit from our privilege. Our initiatives include teaching children at the Balgram orphanage, the children of the Sodexo staff, and the children at the Rohat primary and secondary school. We also help the members of the Tulip labor colonies with their problems, and the members of the Rohat village with issues relating to governance.

JGU Book Club

The JGU Book Club is a two-year-old initiative. It has evolved under the mentorship of Professor Nisha Nair. It is an exclusive society for avid readers. It provides a platform for all intellectual minds to come together in evenings of pure imagination. If reading is one’s passion, then one can mingle among its kind. As a society that aims at reviving the exquisite and dying culture of reading in JGU also received the prize for The Most Promising New Student Initiative award at University Day’16.

Gender Studies Group

The JGU Gender Studies Group is a student collective under the aegis of Centre for Law and Humanities. It engages in gender sensitive dialogue to understand the nuances of varied identities and explore the subtleties of social constructs through diverse forms of media expression. Created in 2015 in the hope of generating conversation, creating a space to share experiences, and to question societal behaviour that goes by unnoticed, the Gender Studies Group strives to build an inclusive environment on-campus. It has done so through weekly reading sessions, film screenings, student-led paper presentations, conferences and panel discussions, among other activities. It was also instrumental in organizing the first edition of Gender Matters? a first-of-its-kind cultural and academic celebration of gender and sexuality.

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