Life at JGU

Abhivyakti - The Society for Hindi Literature Poetry and Art

Abhivyakti is one of the most famous societies on campus and this is due to creative ideas of society’s hard working members. The Core members claim Abhivyakti to be one of the most informal and laid back society on campus which appreciates every form of art and creativity in JGU. With the best dance number to the classic shayari, the members of Abhivyakti endeavour to create a stimulating experience on campus.

Aawaaz - Jindal Women and Law Society

Jindal took its first step to a journey of fighting indiscrimination and bringing out gender biases way back in 2009. Feminism was resounding on this very campus even when it wasn’t as famous.

But hey! Isn’t feminism only for girls? I am not a girl; why should I join this society? Many bewildered guys have more often than not asked us this question. Therefore, after careful thought this society that was founded and mentored as the Jindal Women and Law Society changed its name and broadened its aim by renaming itself Aawaaz.

Aperture, Jindal Photography and Visual Arts Society

Welcome to The Jindal Photography and Visual Arts Society. With a new year, a new vision and the same drive and enthusiasm to promote participation and enjoyment of photography in a good humored, relaxed and supportive environment, JPVAS welcomes students of all ages and aptitude, with the society’s current members including photographers from across a vast spectrum of ability, from amateurs to professionals. With an aim to help one another, learn more about photography by meeting and discussing the art with like-minded individuals, developing practical photographic skills and techniques, discussing composition and others through practical sessions and critique sessions the society believes in taking advantage of photographic opportunities as they arise and making a lesson out of them. 

Dance Society

The inception of JGU Dance Society can be traced back to the year the university was founded. This makes it one of the oldest and most successfully run societies of JGU with every new batch bringing a larger number of enthusiasts each year. The fair opportunity and adequate time to prepare for the Society auditions once each year makes it possible to shortlist only the most gifted and hardworking dancers. 

IP Society

The Student IP Society at Jindal Global Law School works in close association with the Centre for Intellectual Property and Technology Law (CIPTEL). This society encourages students to tackle emerging IP issues through panel discussions, guest lectures, colloquiums, thematic events and research projects. In celebration of the World IP Day, the society organized several events including debates, quizzes, movie screenings and a concert on the theme ‘Get up, Stand up. For Music’ (as declared by WIPO) in order to trigger the interests of a larger audience and widen the scope for discussions on IPR.

Quiz Club

The Quiz Club in Jindal Global University was founded in the beginning of the academic year 2013-14. In just one year, we’ve won accolades and managed to make our presence felt. We host quizzes – which anyone can attend and participate in – once a week. We also host an intra-university quiz, at the end of every semester. 


Documentary is a powerful tool to help ignite conversation, raise awareness, and drive social change. This is exactly what led to creation of the society SOCH. SOCH provides a unique space in JGU for constructive dialogue devoid of any barriers on social, cultural and political issues that plague our society at large at various levels (regional, national and international) through the screening of documentaries and holding constructive discussions with experts from the field, while not associating itself with any ideology at the same time.

Make India Bold

Last year Swaranjali Agrawal and Shivakshi Bhattacharya, BA LLB students of JGU began an initiative Make India Bold where we conducted coherent gender-neutral awareness workshops on sexual harassment in schools across the country. We have divided the programme into three age groups — 5-10, 11-15 and 16-18. Each prevention programme has a different approach according to their age group. Our aim was to reduce such incidents and enable children experiencing harassment to access help and redressal. After talking to 9000 children across the country, we wanted to do more and make people join this mission of change.

PSI: Psychological Society Initiative

PSI aims to collectively raise awareness and enthusiasm regarding the significance of psychology among fellow students and the youth of India. Taking an active stance against stigmatization and busting the ignorance around psychology and mental health, PSI will spread awareness about mental health issues and provide a platform for the JGU community and beyond through active collaborations among the stakeholders—the  students, educators, practitioners, and the community.

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