Life at JGU

The Environment Society

The Environment Society aims at making JGU, a green campus. We wish to initiate sustainable alternatives on campus to achieve our goal. In addition to that, we will be working towards creating a sense of awareness with respect to human impact on the environment and thereby change the attitude of students towards sustainability.

Academic Writing Society

The Academic Writing Society (“AWS”) is established with the intention of promote quality academic writing amongst the students of JGU and to promote reform in the style of writing with a view to deliver publishable articles. The aim of AWS is to serve as a bridge between the ideas of the students and channel them by providing assistance in both style and substance. AWS will have specific days in a month when guided response will be handed to students registered with the AWS. The primary objective of AWS is to promote dialogue among key issues and cater to the ideas of students with a view to deliver publishable material.

Literary and Fine Arts Society

The Literary and Fine Arts Society (Lit Soc) is an open society with no restriction on its members, and also the areas we confine in, since we tend to see literature and art in almost everything. Anyone who wished to be a member of the society is welcome, however a student is made a permanent member solely based on visible interest and continuous basis, which is observed by the Student Coordinators. 

Rotaract Club

The Rotaract club is a leadership, professional and community service club. The Motto of our club is ‘Self Development – Fellowship Through Service.’

ADR Society

The ADR Society over the course of the last two years has offered various workshops in the field of Mediation and Negotiation. The following workshops have been offered to the students in the past: 

1) The Society has organized the ADR-ODR Workshop. ADR-ODR International, is a Civil Commercial Mediation training course that spanned over 4 days. This workshop was conducted by Mr. Rahim Shamji and his colleagues. At the end of the workshop an exam was conducted for the participants, and upon successfully passing the exam the students were eligible to become certified mediators.

Animal Welfare Society

Animal welfare society brings together the individuals who work for the welfare and sustainability of animals on campus. We strive to create a peaceful balance between humans and animals by ways of containing their numbers, medical treatments, regular feeding sessions etc.

JGU Sports Society

The JGU Sports Society strives to inculcate a strong sporting spirit on campus. It works to promote the sporting culture and promote participation in various sports festivals throughout the country. The main objective of the society is facilitating sportspersons on campus to achieve their full potential and to provide a recreational outlet for all students that lays outside a classroom.

Moot Court Society

The Moot Court Society (MCS) is the official society for Mooting in JGLS. Students participate in moot court competitions across the year. The mooting season is divided into the fall and spring semesters where students get inducted into the society by going through a rigorous induction process of preparing memorials and submitting oral arguments.

JGU Theatre Society

The JGU Theatre Society strives to make a change. The society combines the creative ideas and abilities of all its members to achieve maximum efficiency. Theatre is one of the higher cultural activities that marks us as imaginative and creative.

Performing Arts Society

Performing Arts Society is an open society which encompasses all the arts there are and gives opportunities to all the students on campus to express themselves using these arts. Whether it be Acting, directing, poetry, music, dance etc. society supports and encourages to step up and put on their best.

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