Life at JGU

Sports and Fitness

Sports and fitness activities are an integral component of JGU. Under the supervision of qualified coaches and instructors, the students indulge in practice sessions in order to fulfill their aspirations of wearing university colors/jerseys. JGU has a fullfledged Department of Physical Education which provides unmatched and state-of-the-art facilities in Cricket, Basketball, Football, Badminton (Indoor), Volleyball, Table Tennis, Pool/Snooker, Chess and Carrom and SwimmingSpecial Sessions of Yoga, Dance and Aerobics are also organized for students and staff members. Special emphasis is laid on improving not only the health component and lifestyle but also to instill the qualities of team cohesion and sportsman-spirit. 

The sports contingent of JGU has bagged Overall Champions Trophy on numerous occasions in Inter-Law University Competitions where some of the best law universities compete for glory and fame. The regular visits by International sports persons and Olympians forms the highlight of sports culture at JGU. The Department of Physical Education coordinates with the JGU Sports Society to organize an Inter-University Sports Festival named ‘MAGNUS’ on an annual basis.


The university has a state-of-the-art gymnasium with global standards and internationally recognised trainer. The gymnasium has been divided into various sections like cardio, strength and stretching areas. The un-paralleled and international quality of equipment consists of treadmills, cross trainers, spinners, strength stations etc. There is a dedicated area for floor and stretching exercises. 

In addition to the main gymnasium, JGU has set up mini gymnasiums in hostels as well. Yoga sessions are organized by trainers for the students in the morning and evening. Aerobics sessions are also organized and being a very important cardiovascular exercise, these sessions draw a large number of students who get training in low impact and high impact aerobic exercises.