Inside JGU 2020 Issue 12 (December)

Book edited by JSLH professor released

The book titled ‘Fandom, Now In Color: A Collection of Voices’ edited by Dr. Rukmini Pandey and published by the University of Iowa Press gathers together seemingly contradictory narratives that intersect at the (in)visibility of race/ism in fandom and fan studies. This collection engages the problem by undertaking the different tactics of decolonisation — diversifying methodologies, destabilising canons of “must-read” scholarship by engaging with multiple disciplines, making whiteness visible but not the default against which all other kinds of racialisation must compete, and decentering white fans even in those fandoms where they are the assumed majority. These new narratives concern themselves with a broad swath of media, from cosplay and comics to tabletop role play and video games, and fandoms from Jane the Virgin to Japan’s K-pop scene. ‘Fandom, Now in Color’ asserts that no one answer or approach can sufficiently come to grips with the shifting categories of race, racism, and racial identity