Competition Theme

The Egg Drop Challenge is a classic science class experiment where students are given an egg to drop from a high point onto a hard surface. They must design a carrier for the egg to house it during the drop.

The experiment is not just for fun, although students do enjoy it. It is intended to teach students about the relationship between force and momentum. The Egg Drop Challenge is an unconventional experiment that tests ones knowledge of design; manufacturing; cost calculation; advertising; and eco-consciousness.

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  1. The competition will be held (online) between  20th Dec. to 9th Jan.

  2. Participants in this competition must abide by local government requirements and restrictions that may not allow movement of people beyond a certain area. For details, please refer to the official government notification relevant to where you are based.

  3. You can capture an event/process without going far away from home, but if you choose to venture out of your house then you must take all necessary precautions to safeguard your health. For details, please refer to the official government notification relevant to where you are based.

  4. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

  5. Winners will be announced on JGU Instagram page, JGU Facebook page  and informed via email, once the competition closes on 9th January, 2020.

7 Prizes to be Won

  • The winner will receive a cash prize of INR 25,000.
  • Two students placed 2nd will receive a cash prize of INR 20,000 each.
  • Four students placed 3rd will receive a cash prize of INR 10,000 each.

Basic Rules

  1. The egg should not break under any circumstance. Entries with broken eggs will not be considered valid.
  2. The egg must be dropped from a minimum 10-meter height ( Approximately equal to three storey building). 
  3. Participants should try and establish a target point similar to the way it is in archery and try to land the egg as close to the target to obtain higher points.
  4. Participants are required to only use paper, glue and tape in the construction and design of the container. Use a paper of 100gsm or less and bonds, strings, staples, etc. are prohibited.
  5. Creativity and aesthetics of the container design will also be taken into consideration while assessing entries.
  6. The lighter the egg protector, the higher the score.
  7. You are advised to practice caution while testing and experimenting at a height.

Eligibility & Important Guidelines

Participants are requested to carefully read and complete each of the below listed points while submitting their entry for the #JSAAEggDropChallenge  

  1. Only students completing 12th standard in 2021, from any recognised board in India, are eligible to participate.

  2. Participants must demonstrate the efficacy of the egg drop container by recording the entire egg drop sequence in an uncut video via a smartphone.

  3. An uncut video includes everything from the fall of the container to the distance from the target and the confirmation of the egg landing safely near the target area.

  4. You must have an Instagram or Facebook handle to participate and must upload the recorded video to the handle and tag @jindalglobaluni & @jsaa.jgu (For Instagram) and @JindalGlobalUNI & @JindaSAA (for Facebook). Please ensure that the privacy setting to your post is switched to public while uploading the video. You must also use the hashtag #JSAAEggDropChallenge in your post.

5. Students are also required to submit their entries with all relevant details on this form [here]

Note* If the Google form link given here is left incomplete. Entries will not be considered valid! 

The competition is open for 12th grade students only.


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