Examinations Office

Re-Sit/Improvement Examinations

JGU students who have failed a course will be given an opportunity to take a re-sit examination. 

JGLS students are also given an opportunity to take an improvement examination in compulsory courses. This examination is only provided in the same semester in the subsequent academic year. The result in the improvement examination is final.  

Students are advised to read the JGU Academic Regulations, found in the Student Handbook, carefully to understand their School’s policies with regard to re-sit and improvement examinations. The most recent Student Handbook may be found under the Important Policy Documents tab.

All re-sit/improvement examinations are held with end-term examinations. The Examinations Office will invite students to apply for re-sit/improvement examinations in the second month of the semester. Students may apply by filling out the relevant form and making the necessary fees payment. The form can be found here. No late requests will be entertained.  

The fees for applying for a re-sit/improvement examination is Rs. 3,000 per course. There will be no fee waivers or refunds.  

Appearing in a re-sit examination is compulsory and not subject to the discretion of the students. Similarly, once opted for, appearing for an improvement examination is compulsory and not subject to the discretion of the students. 

The re-sit/improvement examination schedule can be found here.

If you wish to apply for the viewing of the re-sit/improvement answer scripts, click here.

If you wish to apply for the r-totaling/re-evaluation of the re-sit/improvement answer scripts, 

For re-totalingclick here.
For re-evaluation here.