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Student Corner

  • I finally understand why so many women hate sharing their age. My last teen year hasn’t been as satisfying as I would have wanted it to be but it’s definitely not something I’m ready to let go of.

    20th Dec 2016
  • JGU is a world in its own. The beautiful academic block with the comfy reading rooms, the amazing library stacked with books of all possible genres and topics, the dormitories and other facilities sometimes make us forget that we live in a village. Step out of the gate and you will see vast...

    20th Dec 2016
  • I was diagnosed with a mild anxiety disorder 2 years ago, and at that time I felt as though my world had come to a standstill. I did not have anyone to confide in – my family wouldn’t, and still don’t understand, and my friends would shrug it off like it was no big deal, something they do with...

    19th Nov 2016
  • It was a rather dull Monday morning and one of those usual high school days, where your alarm goes off and you think to yourself, do I really need education?
    After a lot of struggling to get out of bed, here I was in class trying to make sense of the graph on the board but the only thought...

    17th Nov 2016
  • Political discourse is often ignored in a discussion of the question of sovereignty blah blah blah…
    Cue: Amber Run – I found
    In my opinion, listening to good music while writing a 2000 word research paper is probably one of the biggest mistakes a law student can commit. Being...

    17th Nov 2016
  • The first day of unpacking,
    of fears and belongings.
    In the sea of new faces,
    young adults were set loose.
    A hushed feeling of homesickness,
    spaced loud chatters and exchanged-smiles.
    One moment names exchanged, the next forgotten.
    First impressions of...

    11th Nov 2016
  • Depression is an insidious malady, and although due recognition is given to its effects, the forms in which it manifests are quite different. Even with World Suicide Prevention Day being observed on the 10th of September every year, the work done by those studying and helping others through the...

    25th Oct 2016
  • I was recently introduced to the story of the Terezin Requiem, where in the concentration camp of Theresienstadt, around 150 people found rebellion against the Nazis through the music of Verdi. They were sent there to die, and eventually they did meet their deaths, with each of them knowing...

    25th Oct 2016
  • Must we only care about something when it affects us? Human beings are selfish, and even when selfless, will act only if there exists some benefit through happiness, content, or material gain. So logically, it probably makes sense to only care for ourselves. I’m sure it is, to mind one’s own...

    17th Oct 2016
  • Life in University can be stressful. But even otherwise, have there even been those people who get on your nerves – for some or no reason at all? Have there ever been instances where you’ve felt your head split open with hate and then you go ‘whoa where did that come from’. Have you ever been...

    17th Oct 2016
  • This is the first poem in a series of poems that explore what the commonplace objects in a student’s life would say if they underwent an Enid Blyton-esque change overnight, and could speak.

    06th Oct 2016
  • Once you get that acceptance letter and you begin packing your bags the word that comes to my mind is, home.
    Home for the next x number of years.
    When you’re in the car/plane/bus/train or whatever mode of transport you’re using to get to your new home, the next word that comes to my...

    28th Sep 2016