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Taiwan Education Centre

Taiwan Education Centre

O.P. Jindal Global University has hosted India’s first Taiwan Education Centre (TEC) since its establishment in 2011 by National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) with the support of the Ministry of Education, Government of Taiwan. It is a joint program for Taiwan and India to promote learning Mandarin Chinese language and culture among Indian students in higher education and to facilitate greater understanding and cooperation. Over 200 students have enrolled and participated in language course and culture class, and more than 500 people on campus have enjoyed culture events with TEC over the 4 years. Taiwan Education Centre is one of the most active centers in OP. Jindal Global University.

We have an active Facebook page, please visit us at https://www.facebook.com/TECJGU  


Enrolment and Certificate Process
At the moment, JSIA graduate students and JGBS students are having Mandarin as mandatory language courses. In the beginning of each academic year, students will be notified through campus email about the required enrollment process if they are from JGLS, JSGP, JSHL or MBA, for both credit and non-credit elective Mandarin language courses. Since Mandarin language course is different from lecture course and traditional Chinese characters require practice and consistency with heavier daily workload comparing to other languages. Courses are designed with 2 sessions per week, 1 to 2 hours each session. Whether course is credit or non-credit, certificates are provided with hours of learning Mandarin language after accomplishing level test and course for each academic year.
Our courses focus on enhancing listening and speaking ability in class, and emphasizing reading and writing for homework. Students are encouraged to participate in interactions with dialogues, role play, discussions, various competitions, written quizzes, and many other activities to engage and make the language into use. Audio-visual resources are also used in class for a better understanding of the different accents, language environment, and culture in different perspectives. Songs and animation videos are part of the course as a complementary material for the authentic and vivid input of the target language. 
Supplementary Activities
For Chinese festivals, cultural events, and special days like Double Tenth National Day, TEC hosts different forms of cultural events such as making couplets, dumplings (momos) for Chinese New Year week, flying lanterns together on Lantern Festival, playing games on Moon Festival and we invite the whole campus to celebrate. Other activities like movie screenings, higher education workshops, Chinese calligraphy or painting sessions also take place on campus aiming to culture integration. TEC also delighted to provide consultancy and assistance for any issues related to education, internship, work, and tourism in Taiwan.
Study Material
Practical Audio-Visual Chinese textbook, workbook and audio CD are used for language courses along with references from Live Interactive Chinese, Zhen Bang, and Speak Mandarin in Five Hundred Words. Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Volume 1 is used for Mandarin level 1 and 2, and volume 2 is for Mandarin level 3 and 4 students. Instructors also distribute related handouts and supplementary teaching aids throughout the course. TEC provides free and latest English magazine of current updates on Taiwan such as Taiwan Panorama, Taiwan Review, and Travel in Taiwan, as well as San Min Chu I, The Taiwan Factor and illustrated Chinese books for visitors to read in the center.
Teaching Faculty
Ms. Kai-Yun PENG, Director & Senior Language Instructor
Master in Linguistic Institute (NTHU, Taiwan)
B.A. Taiwan Literature and Comunication (NUU, Taiwan)
Office No.:  +91-8930110843  
Ms. Tung-Hsueh CHEN, Language Instructor
B.A in Arts in Korean Language and Literature (CCU, Taiwan)
M.A. in Arts in Korean Language and Literature (CCU, Taiwan)
Office number: +91-8930110842


Ms. Tanuja Raghunath, Program assistant
Office No.:  +91-8930110841