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Research Centres

Research Centres are part of the landscape for any leading research university. They are, however, seldom so integrated into the faculty research agenda as in JGU. The University has 40 research centres across its schools and all faculty members are actively involved in at least one.


JGLS Research Centres   

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Comparative and International Taxation Studies

Environment and Climate Change

Global Corporate and Financial Law and Policy

Health Law, Ethics and Technology

Human Rights Studies

India-China Studies

Intellectual Property Rights

Clinical Programmes

International Criminal Justice and Humanitarian Law

International Legal Studies

International Trade and Economic Laws

Law and Humanities

Penology, Criminal Justice and Political Science

Study of United Nations

Public Interest Law         

Public Law and Jurisprudence

Study of United Nations

South Asian Legal Studies

Women, Law and Social Change


JGBS Research Centres

JSGP Research Centres

Accounting, Reporting and Governanace

Development and Finance


Ethics, Law and Political Economy

Supply Chain Management & Logistics    

Study of Urban Transformation

Applied Finance  



JSIA Research Centres

Israel Studies

A New South-Asia

Asia-Pacific Security Studies

European Studies

Global Governance and Policy

International Economic Studies

Middle East Studies

Study of Political Violence

JSLH Research Centres   

Visual Imagination and the Storytelling Arts

Science, Society and Sustainability

JIBS Research Centres   

Victimology and Psychological Studies

Leadership and Change