Research Article Co-Authored by Deepanshu Mohan and Samrat Sinha on "The Analytics of Conflict and Studying its Economic Impact" - Sadf Focus

November 11, 2016 | Deepanshu Mohan and Samrat Sinha

The sources of internal conflict in the Indian context are multifaceted, yet share similar outcomes i.e. a massive burden on civilians, pervasive insecurity and large scale forced displacement. Areas experiencing instability and civil strife witness significant losses in “future potential” both in investment and the development of human capital. What is not measured is thus, the outflow of capital, the absence of investment, increasing security related expenditures, endemic unemployment and lack of opportunities for the youth in these areas‎....
‎Rather than viewing conflict as a dramatic exogenous shock (similar to an earthquake), we seek to understand conflict as slow-moving and hidden crisis, which is protracted in nature (such as a drought). This article makes an attempt to broaden the existing analytical framework by incorporating some key informational factors that will help in analyzing different forms of conflict and assess its’ economic impact (in areas like North-East India, Jammu and Kashmir and Maoist affected areas.