Research Centres

The Centre has two principal aims: to provide a forum for discussion and stimulus for research on contemporary problems confronting international criminal justice and humanitarian law.

The Centre leads research in persistent and contemporary issues in public law and legal theory.

The Centre strives to promote the interface between law and humanities by initiating research projects, talks, discussions and research writings.

The Centre aims to increase student participation in projects to help low-income individuals, while expanding their legal skills at the same time.

The Centre’s research adopts a critical approach to reforming the criminal justice system.

The Centre’s current work is planned around several areas of global concern.

<span>The Centre for Women, Law, and Social Change aims to advance interdisciplinary approaches to feminism in teaching, research and policy advocacy. </span>

The disciplinary interests of the Centre include international law, comparative law, constitutional law, trade law, intellectual property rights law, human rights law, environmental law, legal education and legal profession.