Research Centres

The Centre undertakes research on issues related to healthcare from a developing world perspective on social justice.

The Centre encourages research and scholarship in the field of international trade and economic laws.

The Centre’s objective is to lead research in the area of patents, trademarks, design protection and copyright law.

The Centre seeks to promote academic research on themes pertaining to the resolution of disputes, and is particularly oriented towards the study of dispute resolution systems existing both nationally and internationally.

The aim of Clinical Programmes is to bridge the gap between what law promises to offer and the actual reality of law.

The Centre seeks to encourage research and scholarship in the areas of domestic and international taxation.

The Centre aims to provide a platform for cutting-edge research in corporate and nancial regulation; enhance understanding of the regulation of nancial markets and corporate governance in Indian and other jurisdictions;

The mission of the Centre is to undertake rigorous academic research, teaching, training and policy making in the field of human rights.

The Centre is a multi-disciplinary intellectual platform and resource hub for academia, practitioners and students who are interested in India and China.

The Centre is dedicated to research, teaching, and training in public international law, private international law, and the law related to international organizations.