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Examination FAQ

I am applying for an internship/job/admission to another academic institution. Can I get my CGPA converted to percentage?

No, there is no standard format for the percentage calculation from CGPA in O.P. Jindal Global University. The Examinations Office does not provide any such conversion for students.

How and when can I get my rank?

Ranks can be only issued to students after the completion of an academic year. For graduating batches, ranks may be issued after the day of the Convocation Ceremony (traditionally held on 7th August of every year). For non-graduating batches, ranks may be issued only after the University Day (traditionally held on 30th September of every year). 

Students wishing to receive their ranks may write to The student’s rank will be provided within 3-5 business days.

How can I get the Character/Attendance certificate?

Please contact the Administrative Office of your respective School for the Character/Attendance Certificate.

I need a letter laying out the medium of instruction at JGU.Where I can get that?

This letter is issued by the Registrar’s Office. You are advised to contact them.

I need to collect some of my documents but, due to unavoidable reasons, I am unable to pick the same in person. Can someone else pick it up from the Examinations Office on my behalf?

Yes, a person with an authorization letter can collect documents for a student. You are requested to please mail the authorization letter to The authorized person should visit the Examinations Office with a valid identity card.

I need the Examinations Office to send some of my documents to another institution/organization, in a sealed envelope. What is the procedure for arranging for such a dispatch?

Please fill out this Enquiry Form and send a scanned copy by email to, or submit the hard copy to the Examinations Office. The Examinations Office will then arrange the necessary documents in a sealed University envelope within 3-5 business days. You must, however, collect the documents and dispatch them yourself, and at your own cost. You are welcome to use the University courier service at Reception.

I am unable to appear in an examination due to medical reasons. What procedure must I follow to be excused from appearing in the examination?

Please notify the relevant Assistant or Associate Dean (Academics) of your School within 5 days of the date of missed examination. They will look into your request. 

If they approve your request, you will get an “I” (for Incomplete) instead of “F” on your transcript. An “I” grade does not affect the GPA/CGPA. In case of a re-sit examination, your previous grade will remain. 

However, please note that no fee refund will be provided.

I would like to provide feedback on the examinations process. To whom should I send this?

Please feel free to write at You may also submit any suggestion/feedback in the box placed at the front of the Examination Office.

I would like to know information about the format of my exam paper etc. Whom should I contact?

Students are advised to contact their faculty member. For re-sit examinations, the format may vary. The Examinations Office will intimate guidelines to students stating whether it will be an open book, closed book, sit down or take home examination.

I have a disability/medical condition that may affect my examinations. What sort of support can I get?

Students seeking assistance for their disability/medical condition must approach Disability Support Committee well before beginning of the semester examinations. Failure to register with Disability Support Committee will mean that special arrangements may not be put in place for conduction of examination. For assistance, please contact

I want to get my degree attested from Haryana Government or HRD Department. What is the procedure for same?

For International Students: Please contact the Office of International Affairs and Global Initiatives at
For Students who are Indian citizens: JGU does not facilitate this procedure, and you are requested to please visit the Haryana Higher Education website for further information:

How can I receive the breakup of internal marks?

The Examinations Office only provides the breakup as total internal marks and total external marks. However, for detailed internal components you are advised to contact your course instructor.