Being 20 – By Kana

This past year, I’ve been fussing almost everyday about turning 20, completely hating on the thought that I’ll be done with my teens. Now that it’s official and the celebrations are done with, I’m mourning the fact that I’m no longer a “teen”.

It’s funny how in a matter of 6-7 years, you go from PG13 to A rated, in movies as well as in life. Being pubescent wasn’t amazing but it will be well missed. That feeling of looking at yourself changing so drastically and so quickly, is scary yet exhilarating. You can’t wait for the rest of your life but you also don’t want to leave the past 2 decades only to remember them when you’re 80.

Turning 20 has made me look, fondly, back at the journey that was puberty. It was a quest for knowledge, popularity, friendship and love….

From holding hands to heartbreak.  

Scoring top marks to just passing.

Having a BFF and then watching them drift.

Falling flat, on your face or butt, in front of everyone (figuratively and literally).

Swearing that you’ll never smoke

Saying you’ll drink in moderation

Hunt for a decent partner

And finally get fit.

Being carefree, wild, daring, edgy, emotional, cranky, spoilt, temperamental, disgustingly messy, disorganised, colourful and alive.

Living like there’s no tomorrow and not bothering to look back. Younger days will always be and shall always remain the best of days.

Tip: Listen to Kids by OneRepublic – cause let’s face it, we miss being kids.

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