About JGU Logo

The crest of the JGU symbolizes its mission for the academic community to create and share knowledge in service of society.

The outline of the crest forms a posture of the human body in meditation, connecting mind, body and spirit, and reflecting our strength as life-long students for meaningful role in society.

The charted earth as the head of the human form symbolizes the University’s global orientation.


The sun illuminating the globe stands for the energy of creative thought, power and hopes that education cultivates. Aspiring to be a seat of learning, and for imparting education and skills, the University invokes the symbols of the book of knowledge, the light of wisdom, and the tree representing the natural world.

The focal point is a star representing excellence, achievement and vision.

The University seeks to integrate development of individual character, creativity and intellect with research and service relevant to addressing the concerns of society.