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Course on Stress Management and Performance Enhancement – 1 day

This course offers a multi modal approach towards understanding and managing stress. It offers an insight into the various symptoms associated with stress, the cognitive behavioural approach to managing stress along with relaxation techniques and lifestyle changes necessary to combat stress.

Course on Anger Management – 1 day

The aim of this course is to help teachers/parents in identifying and helping students with anger management problem and facilitate skills to encourage self-reflection and behavioural change. It will also help the students to support their peers to deal with anger within the classroom.

Gender Sensitization – 1 day

This course will extend insight into gender discourses, gender socialization and its influences on gender attitudes, both positive and negative. This course addresses how gender related attitudes, roles, stereotypes, and biases are addressed, explored, sensitized and desensitized in our society.

Substance Rehabilitation Program – 1 day

This course provides an insight on how to deal with youth suffering from substance abuse as well as how to support such victims according to their needs.

Course on Psychological Counselling Skills – 1 day

This program highlights a general and basic introduction of counselling and various counselling approaches with a special emphasis on the skills of listening, relating and communicating.

Course on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – 1 day

This course is designed to give teachers and other mental health professionals with an in-depth knowledge about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It encompasses the understanding, identification and management of children with ADHD.

Course on Assertive Discipline – 1 day

The course will enable the teachers to become an effective behavior coach by reducing stress and by moving from reactive to proactive responses. It will also help them to identify the students’ psychological and physiological reactions to behavioural issues besides helping them to know the right level of assertiveness appropriate for their classroom.

Course on Troubled Children/Teens – 1 day

This course enables teachers/parents to deal with major troubles faced by children/teens such as anger, parental divorce, bullying, death of loved ones, child abuse and relationship issues. The course examines the psychological foundations and impacts of such issues on children/teens.

Developmental Needs of Children: Preschool to Higher Secondary – 1 day

Being a parent or a teacher can be a very rewarding, fulfilling as well as a frustrating and demanding job. The workshop aims to help you learn to identify and accept their weaknesses while emphasizing and building on their strengths, in the context of the education systems prevalent in India.

Course on Learning Disability – 1 day

This certificate program is designed to provide one with a thorough understanding of learning disability and its types; the socio-emotional impact of learning disability on children and their parents along with the effective strategies necessary to work with kids with learning disability.

Identifying Best Teaching Practices – 1 day

The course aims to equip teachers with effective teaching skills. The course encompasses the opportunity to cultivate a personalized path for academic achievement for students while maintaining a sense of support and community.

Effective Communication between Parents and Children – 1 day

The aim of this workshop is to identify effective communication skills as well as the communication roadblocks through interactive games and activities. The workshop can be designed to suit your preferences and can be conducted with or without your child.

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