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What is Counselling?

Counselling is an opportunity to talk with a trained professional regarding various issues that are important in your life and may impacts in your life in different degrees. They may be minor or major. You may find them tolerable, irritating or bothering you immensely. Whatever it is, you can choose to bring any topic under the sun to counselling! 
Counselling offers a confidential environment where you can freely share you concerns, thoughts, emotions and issues. Sharing and talking about things that affect you and your surroundings in your everyday life can be a means of understanding oneself better.

Does talking help?

It again depends on how you approach talking to a trained professional counsellor or your goals for counselling! Remember counselling is a choice not a compulsion (Even though we may or may not feel compelled by our surroundings)! Therefore, the benefits of counselling are different for different people.

    • Some people have found counselling helpful because it offers them an opportunity to share things in a confidential manner whether they have shared such things with others or not in the past
    • Talking to someone (a trained counsellor) who is not from your own immediate friends and family circle can provide a different perspective, solutions or resources which one may or may not experience or think off in their immediate surroundings.
    • Some people have found that seeing a counsellor has helped in increasing their self-awareness, decision-making ability, ability to cope with things, ability to support self and others or deal with challenges or addictions, or prepare oneself for whatever one finds challenging.

Can counselling work for me? How would I know?

The simple answer is you won’t know unless you try it! Everyone is unique in their own way! And counselling is for everyone whosoever wishes to seek counselling! 

Counselling is a form of collaboration which forms between the counsellor and the client/s (it’s you if you choose to do so). Together the counsellor and client/s work towards what the client/s brings to this collaboration. Such a collaboration is oriented towards working for the client/s benefit, which may differ for each individual/s depending on their circumstances. 

Ultimately counselling is what you make of it! Because it is a partnership between the counsellor and client. So the client and counsellor are equally responsible and accountable to work towards the client’s well-being. 

What are some of the things you can share with your counsellor?

Anything that has been a part of your life, experiences which were good or bad; stress; family concerns or issues; addictions; concerns about yourself or others; disagreements; emotional, physical and psychological disturbances in self or others and how they impact your life; feeling lonely, out of place, sad, anger, distress, grief, clouded, restless, direction less, anxious, worried, confused, and sleepless; if you are struggling with grief, death and dying, suicide, substance abuse, education/career/work stress, roommate problems, unable to trust self or others, and relationship problems, then you can approach a counsellor. Even sharing your relationship ideas, addiction concerns, struggles, relationship problems with your counsellor can help you find ways of coping with what has been challenging or important for you in the past, present or could be important for your future.

About Counselling?

Growing up, becoming an adult and attaining a sense of maturity are not just words or the essential milestones of one’s life but are processes involving life altering experiences. Experiences have a range of colours and contours. Some are rough and hard, some subtle, and others, beautiful and motivating. We also shape our experiences with our thoughts and emotions and sometimes it’s the other way round. In all these phases of life, having a support group to share your happy and gloomy times, is nothing but essential. Then there are some who are introverts and are shy about sharing their feelings and doubts! Some are skeptical of sharing their concerns from the fear of being judged!

Some may feel they wouldn’t be understood or appreciated! There may be times, when you certainly need a guidance from someone more mature, apart from your friends and family! Whom should we talk to about the issues of self and identity, issues regarding sexuality; relationships and existential issues? Yes, it’s true sometimes the support group can mean not just friends and family but also the counsellors. 

Most of the people associate seeking counselling to gross issues and madness. This understanding is limiting. Counselling encompasses a range of issues and looks into matters related to stress, adjustment issues, addictions, stress with family or friends, sleeplessness, psychological or emotional or behavioural difficulties; issues related to one’s career. Counselling is a safe space where one can share and one is allowed to explore and be himself/herself. There is no space for judgement and labelling in counselling. 

Counselling is about exploring different perspectives and possibilities and looking at things from a different viewpoint. It’s a space flavored with empathy and acceptance. It is a collaborative conversation.


Other services

Individual Sessions: 

Students can avail individual sessions for various needs and issues ranging from problems with the academics to personal issues. One can fix up an appointment with any of the available counsellors and discuss their concerns. The session goals are set by the client in collaboration with the counsellor and together they work upon the decided goals. Talking helps one feel light and unburdened. Being listened to and feeling understood initiates the healing!

Group Sessions:

 It is essential to have certain skill sets that enables us to adjust better in our day to day life. Social skills such as effective communication, problem solving and decision making, knowing oneself, handling relationships are the main focus of the group sessions that are organized for the students. Besides this, movie screenings, sessions about addiction, and informal discussions on various topics are also organized.

Relaxation Sessions:

 Stress and pressure have come to be an inseparable part of the human life. The work load and the deadline pressure haunts us all and wears us out from time to time. To cater to this, mindful relaxation sessions are organized thrice in a week for a period of 30minutes. These session helps the individual calm down, rejuvenate and bounce back. Relaxation sessions not only relieves off the stress. It also an important life skill which is needed in all aspects of life. 

Peer Education Program:

 The counselling center has also initiated a peer education program where in a group of students are trained to be peer facilitators. The program utilizes movie, theater, drama, dance and various lectures and seminars to cater to the same.  

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