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We at Centre for Design Thinking and Innovation (CDTI) believe that innovation is not only a buzzword. It is at the very core of developed, modern and successful economies and nations. For developing and poor economies, innovation has the potential to provide health, education, food and housing to millions of people at the margins of society. It is also what makes organizations, whether “for profit” or “not for profit”, successful with a sustainable competitive advantage. At an individual level, innovation can prepare people for not only today’s but also tomorrow’s complex and dynamic world.

Social networking is as old as human existence, however advent of social and digital media made networking easier, faster and interactive. Except for nine of the fortune 500 companies all engaged in using social media. As high as ninety three percent use LinkedIn in their activities. Social media is becoming critical part to organizations in conduct of internal and external activities. With its seven functional building blocks identity, conversations, sharing, presence, relationships, reputation and groups social media is creating enormous impact on organizations, communities and individuals.