About Us

The main objective of this centre is to do research in the area of ethics, intelligent spirituality and sustainability. Ethics in business and society are of paramount importance and it has gained even more importance recently due to several corporate scandals. The whole gamut of mind, body and spirit, thought process, effect of society etc. are examined critically and several workshops and innovative courses are conducted as a part of this centre - such as 'business ethics and value clarity', 'value of values', self awareness and inner joy', 'from success to significance' among others. Several eminent speakers are invited regularly for guest talks and interactions with students and faculty members. The Centre also plans to conduct several workshops for several public and private organizations and also a 'grass root ethics development program' for local communities. Programs such as  'heartfulness', 'mindfulness', 'meditation' and 'intelligent spirituality tours' are part of centre's agenda.

The Centre also does research and teaching based on ancient scriptures and ancient wisdom - such as 'Bhagwat Gita', 'Mahabharata', 'Ramayana', 'Quoran', 'The Bible', 'The Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads' etc. The Centre also organises discussions on the works of legends such as 'Kabir', 'Bulle Shah', 'Rumi', Khalil Jibran', 'Zen', 'Tao', 'Meera', 'Maharishi Ramanna', 'Buddha', 'Osho', 'Buddha' etc.

There is a humble attempt to discuss and understand intelligent spirituality and thus understanding a 'sustainable mind' which is already complete and fulfilled in all respects in the present that promotes sustainability as well. The Centre will also be holding several Conferences and Panel Discussions to achieve the objective of the Centre while promoting ethics and sustainability.