Research Centres

The Centre undertakes research on issues related to healthcare from a developing world perspective on social justice.

The Centre encourages research and scholarship in the field of international trade and economic laws.

The Centre’s objective is to lead research in the area of patents, trademarks, design protection and copyright law.

The Centre aims at excellence in research and education in the areas of supply chain and logistics by offering research driven consultancy, analyzing implementation.

The significance financial reporting is increasing by very passing day.

The Centre facilitates the spirit of venturing by nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset among students.

The Centre is meant to explore the interfaces between politics, ethics, law and economics.

The Centre undertakes research on contemporary issues in development and public finance that are of relevance to Indian and other developing economies.

The Centre is a multi-purpose research and training platform which aims to explore the interdisciplinary use of visual technology and methods to a variety of fields.

Centre for Victimology and Psychological Studies (CVPS) works on the various aspects of victim and offender psychology to produce constructive research towards holistic rehabilitation of victims.