Legislative accountability crucial for smooth democracy: MoS - Business Standard

October 10, 2016

Stressing the independence of the legislature, Minister of State for Law and Justice P P Chaudhary today said that in its absence, a deliberative democracy cannot exist.
Accountability of the legislature is crucial for the smooth functioning of the democratic system of a country, he said.

"Accountability of legislature to the people of the country is of paramount importance and is crucial for the smooth functioning of the democratic system of the country," the minister said, while delivering the inaugural address during a conference on 'Deliberative Democracy Institutions, Law and People', here.
"The framework of the Indian constitution specifically postulates the independence of the legislature. In the absence of independence of legislature, a deliberative democracy cannot exist," he added.
The two-day international forum on Deliberative Democracy is being jointly hosted by O P Jindal Global University and Centre for Deliberative Democracy of Stanford University.
Chaudhary also said technology will play a critical role in engaging and empowering every citizen of the country.
"It must be employed in an increasing manner to collect feedback and recommendations of the people. Adopting these measures and practices is the real practice of democracy and deliberation," he added.
Speaking on the occasion, Professor C Raj Kumar, founding Vice-Chancellor of JGU said deliberation and discussion are central to decision-making in a deliberative democracy.
"As the largest democracy of the world, the ideas of deliberative participation, transparency and creation of a rule of law society will be central to our growth and progress as a nation," he added.
Professor James S Fishkin and Professor Janet M Peck of International Communication and Director, Center for Deliberative Democracy, Stanford University in USA also shared their views and ideas with the gathering.
The conference is expected to be a melting pot of ideas on democracy and its institutions and likely to determine the course of future discussions and debate on the subject.