Research Centres

The Centre aims at excellence in research and education in the areas of supply chain and logistics by offering research driven consultancy, analyzing implementation.

The significance financial reporting is increasing by very passing day.

The Centre facilitates the spirit of venturing by nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset among students.

The Centre aims to explore and promote a multidisciplinary approach to research in all areas of finance.

The main objective of this centre is to do research in the area of ethics, intelligent spirituality and sustainability.

The purpose of the center is to serve the Asia-Pacific business and academic communities by bringing together researchers and industry leaders to conduct high quality research on current and emerging issues in the region.

Consumers today live in an ocean of brands. While globalization wanted to make life simpler by providing consumers with solutions to every possible problem they had, it has eventually made life even more difficult by providing a plethora of choices to every problem that consumers have today.

This centre is established to cater to the growing challenges of logistics and goods movement across states and countries, mostly due to changing regulatory and trade environment. It intends to incubate and develop ideas which can be implemented in the global realm while also keeping the local needs into consideration.

The center for research on BOP markets, in the Jindal Global University, seeks to encourage research at the intersection of poverty and markets. Bottom-of-the-pyramid (BOP) markets consist of almost two-thirds of the world's population from poorest socioeconomic groups living on less than $2.5 per day. Other terms used more or less synonymously in the literature are “base of the pyramid” and “subsistence marketplaces.”

India’s development plans are crafted with a balanced emphasis on economic development and environment. The planning process, while targeting an accelerated economic growth, is guided by the principles of sustainable development with a commitment to a cleaner and greener environment. Planning in India seeks to increase wealth and human welfare, while simultaneously conserving the environment. It emphasizes the promotion of people’s participatory institutions and social mobilization, particularly through the empowerment of women, for ensuring environmental sustainability of the development process.