Article by Saumya Dey on "Of ‘South Asia’ and the colonized speech of the Brown Folks " -

January 05, 2017

We Indians are ancient people and take justifiable pride in many accomplishments of our civilization over the roughly fifty centuries for which it has endured. We, in other words, have a lot of history behind us. Presumably, there is a lot in this history worthy of academic attention. And it does receive this attention, both from the Indian and western academics.

Jindal Global Business School (JGBS) MBA Placements Update - 2017 -

February 12, 2017

Placement trends for the Jindal Global Business School (JGBS) MBA batch of 2015-17 is indicating yet another strong placement season. This season has already seen a 20% increase in number of recruiters with drives being conducted by a host of well-known recruiters.


Axis Bank, Amazon, Decathlon, ICICI Bank, ITC Hotels, People Strong, and TeraReach are some of the prominent recruiters so far this year. In terms of sectoral representation, BFSI, Digital Marketing, and E-Commerce have registered a greater presence this year, while Hospitality is a new addition. As of now, the average CTC offered is Rs 7.42 lacs p.a., with Amazon and Axis Bank making some of the highest offers of ~Rs 8 lacs p.a. plus incentives.


Placements are ongoing with nearly 50% of all participating students having been placed, including two students who have received PPOs from their 2016 Summer Internships. The School expects a strong close to the batch’s placements well before graduation.


About JGBS:


JGBS offers a multidisciplinary global business education to foster academic excellence through industry partnerships and global collaborations. We seek to make an impact through our various degree programmes, executive education, research and consulting. The degree programmes we offer include: BBA, Integrated BBA-MBA, MBA and PhD.


JGBS is backed by the rich legacy of Jindal Global University (JGU), a non-profit global university established by the Haryana Private Universities (Second Amendment) Act, 2009 in memory of Mr. O.P. Jindal, and recognised by The University Grants Commission. The vision of JGU is to promote global courses, global programmes, global curriculum, global research, global collaborations, and global interaction through a global faculty. JGU is situated on an 80-acre state-of

Article by Dr. Saumya Dey on "What ails JNU? Well, some of its students inhabit the island of Calypso " -

February 11, 2017

Many of us are familiar with Homer’s epic Odyssey, the sequel to the blind bard’s martial yarn Iliad. Odyssey is the story of how Odysseus, one of the many heroes who fought in the ten-year long Trojan war, finds his way back to Ithaca, the city-state he ruled, after the defeat and fall of Troy. Odysseus’s journey home lasts as long as the war itself, because on the way he is kidnapped by the nymph Calypso. The beauteous Calypso is so besotted with the hero that she absolutely must have him as her husband. Odysseus, however, is already married to Penelope. He is not interested in wedding the nymph. The upset Calypso, thus, imprisons Odysseus on her island Ogygia hoping that one day she will manage to persuade the brave Ithacan to change his mind. It was awfully hard to escape from Calypso’s island. Odysseus, being the hero he was, did, in the end, manage to escape, but not before languishing on it for seven long years.

Article by Dr. Rajesh Chakrabarti on "Remonetisation key to limit note ban blow: Economic Survey 2017" - Live Mint

February 01, 2017

Policymakers and regulators should speed up remonetisation, or the replacement of money, to limit the impact of cash shortages on the economy after the 8 November outlawing of high-value banknotes, the Economic Survey said.

JGBS launches new BBA undergraduate programme - The Statesman

February 20, 2016

Demonetization Conference at Jindal Global Business School (JGBS) discusses societal and economic impact -

April 17, 2017

Jindal Global Business School (JGBS) conducted a conference on "Demonetization and Emerging Challenges" in association with Queen's University of Belfast, U.K. The Conference was held over the course of 5 sessions on the 10th and 11th of April. The aim was to analyse the nuances of demonetization’s impact across sectors of the economy.

The middle muddle : Organisations miss mid-level management - The Hindu Business Line

September 19, 2016

Wells Fargo, the San Francisco-based bank, has settled with regulators to pay a fine of $185 million (₹1,200 crore) because it opened about two million deposit and credit-card accounts without its customers knowing about it. The company had supposedly done this as part of its emphasis on cross-selling.

Article by Dr. C. Gopinath on "New world order" - Business Line

November 16, 2016

Brexit! CETA in trouble! And now Trump! These headlines have become reference points to argue that globalisation is not just at a standstill but is in reverse.
Donald Trump is known to have stated that climate change is a ‘hoax’. He is widely expected to review a scientific report issued by the Obama administration that provided the basis of much of the regulation the current administration undertook. And just this month, 105 countries ratified the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Article by Dr. C. Gopinath on "The New Course Of Education" - Business World

November 14, 2016

Globalisation and proliferation of information technology have led to a complex and dynamic business environment today, where sustainable development has become the biggest goal for organisations. In the wake of this changing business context, top B-schools across the country are working on all-round holistic development of business managers through experiential, immersive, integrative and interdisciplinary programmes. “At International Management Institute (IMI), MBA graduates develop a more global perspective, leadership skills rooted in self-awareness and self-reflection, and an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of business as well as the limitations of models and markets,” says A. K. Rath, dean of Executive Education and International Relations at IMI.

Article written by Dr. C. Gopinath on "Pipeline peril" - Business Line

November 04, 2016

The locals have gathered in large numbers protesting the construction. The police with weapons are trying to keep order. The corporation insists that they will not harm the environment. The courts have held hearings and passed judgment. No, I am not talking about Singur or Niyamgiri. I am talking about the state of North Dakota in the US, home to the Standing Rock Sioux, a native American nation, and another example of the clash between industrial development and the rights of the people.

O.P. Jindal Global University Hosts Inaugural, 'Global Leadership Summit and Management Fest - The Financial Express

November 23, 2015

HR Thought Leaders Debate "Managing Employees, Expectations and E-space" at the Annual HR Conclave Organised by Jindal Global University - Wallstanalyst

November 20, 2015