Jindal Global Business School (JGBS) offers a multidisciplinary global business education to foster academic excellence through industry partnerships and global collaborations..

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JGBS fosters curriculum, research, and collaborations of the highest standards, and with a global perspective, through a faculty drawn from and educated throughout the world.

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JGBS imparts an extensive and multi-disciplinary business education to equip students, managers and professionals with the necessary knowledge, acumen and skills to lead in today's competitive business scenario.

BBA (Hons) Applications 2017  

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MBA Applications 2017  

C. Gopinath

Professor & Dean, JGBS

B.A. (Madras), M.A. (D.S.E., Delhi), P.G.D.B.A. (IIM-Ahmedabad),  Ph.D. (UMass, USA)

Dean’s Message

Welcome to the Jindal Global Business School!
The Indian business environment is thriving due to a growing economy. The government’s reforms are reviewing and rationalizing regulation and made it easier to do business. New schemes such as Make in India, Start up India, Digital India and so on are focusing on incentivizing manufacturing, spreading computing technology and encouraging entrepreneurship. Although the global economy presents a mixed picture, innovative and dynamic organizations are taking advantage of the opportunities both domestically and internationally.

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Dr. Brajesh Kumar

Associate Professor and Director, MBA and Corporate MBA Programmes and Executive Director, Centre for Applied Finance, Jindal Global Business School

Dr. Manisha Mishra

Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean, Integrated BBA-MBA Program, Jindal Global Business School

Dr. Pankaj Gupta

Professor and Vice Dean-International Collaborations and Career Development and Director for Executive M.B.A, Jindal Global Business School

Dr. Neha Mehra

Assistant Professor, Jindal Global Business School

Dr.Samir Ranjan

Associate Professor